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Coconets is committed to empowering our clients from politics, academia, business and civil society to find innovative solutions for the greatest challenges of our globalized world.

As a consultancy that started off in the late 1990s based on Henrike’s academic expertise in global affairs and her advisory work for major transatlantic and international networks, we have an in-depth knowledge of global affairs, the issues at stake, the key actors – and as a major add-on, the latest digital (collaborative) technologies.

With this cross-sectoral know-how and experience, we are in a unique position to facilitate complex problem-solving, in theory and practice.

What we do

Coconets is your experienced strategy consultant for substantive and participative digital communication and collaboration on global issues.

We work closely with key global actors and institutions as well as diverse expert networks operating across disciplines, borders and levels. We enable our clients to offer excellent, targeted and engaging digital content, and make it easily accessible on digital platforms so that it better informs decision-making on complex issues.
Our core competency is on global issues such as human rights, diversity, women / gender, security policy, peace missions, the SDGs, education and learning, research and teaching, and leadership. In these and other related areas, we develop inclusive digital content strategies, concepts and solutions. In concrete terms:

  • We determine how to best structure and present the designated target content so that it will ignite the spark, trigger substantive discourses and innovative thinking.
  • We select the best fitting, sustainable technologies and tools for you in order to further increase the overall impact of your work.

Our key asset is the collective wisdom of our own network of content, marketing, design, IT and global issue experts, next to our connections to the UN, the EU and the academic world.

How we work

Connected thinking has shaped our actions – time to build stronger bonds with our partner Enlightenment and others who share our passion for innovative solutions to global challenges

Over the past eight years, Coconets has conceptualized and built over 20 platforms for expert networks from academia, civil society, the public and private sector. Our solutions have always been driven by the vision of connected thinking, key wiki principles (openness, transparency), and the relevance of excellent content.

Based on our wealth of know-how in connecting people and knowledge through expert issue platforms, we have decided to join forces with our long-time trusted partner Enlightenment – “Agentur für Kulturtechnik”: not only combining but interlocking our competencies. Enlightenment follows a similar contextual approach in its use of digital technologies. Based on its strong data / content analysis, processing, visualization and design skills, Enlightenment has developed outstanding solutions that support the communication and dissemination of academic work, many of which in cooperation with us.

Our Services

Digital content strategies and concepts

  • analysis of content and data in your issue area(s), including actors and sources
  • definition of key needs, envisaged impact, priorities and criteria for excellent content
  • recommendations for the creation, selection, sharing and dissemination of content, as well as for user exchange / discourse: including people, (editorial) processes and policies, scope of user interaction and collaboration, distribution channels and product formats
  • documentation and visualization of potential solutions
  • workshops and seminars on all aspects of issue-/content-centered digital communication and collaboration

IT services

  • Our pooled expertise allows us to implement platforms in a minimum of time, based on the overall content strategy and concept development lined out above.
  • We develop a fine concept, UX design drafts, then select the optimal software and tools for your purposes, rated against key criteria such as cost efficiency, usability, outcome / impact.

  • Further services include: requirements management, extensive testing and quality management, user and technical support, trainings, tutorials.


Collaboration platform and public website

… for the Networked Think Tank (NTT) of the international, interdisciplinary Research Group Asian Perceptions of the EU at the Free University Berlin, a four-year project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.
The NTT was the key communication and collaboration tool for over 30 academic and other experts from Europe, China, India, New Zealand and elsewhere. It offered a comprehensive knowledge base with joint bibliography, resource management and glossary, collaboration spaces, and separate areas for research and publications, inter alia. (2010-2014)

UNSA: Communication and collaboration portal

… for an international network of UN Studies experts in support of their joint effort to establish UN Studies as a new, stand-alone field of studies. Public site contains key information on UN Studies activities and conceptual work. The private online community “UNSAnet” increased the visibility of members and their research activities via profiles, cybershelfs (virtual bookshelves), friendship feature, private messaging system. The internal area will be replaced by a new, public platform for all UN experts worldwide to showcase and share their most excellent expertise. (2009)

MAXCAP: Project space and public website

… for a research consortium of European research partner institutes, under the leadership of the Center for European Integration at the Free University Berlin, funded by the European Union: “Maximizing the integration capacity of the European Union: Lessons and prospects for enlargement and beyond”.
35 scholars, representing the nine partner institutions, collaborate on working packages addressing questions concerning current and future EU enlargement. A personal dashboard provides them with an overview of open tasks, deliverables and working packages they are assigned to. Project leaders manage and control the status of all tasks. News and all working results are published on the public website. (2013-2

ISIS Europe: Knowledge and project platforms

Relaunch of a public knowledge-sharing platform of a consortium of 27 European research institutions who work on the topic of EU missions (CSDPMAP). Members of the partner institutions upload articles and working papers, automatically displayed in different website areas (missions, countries, topics, etc.), using different visualization techniques for charts, diagrams, documents, maps. Realization of the public website of ISIS Europe and of the project platform for the international cooperation project „EUSK COOP“, bringing together scholars from ISIS, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) and Jeju Peace Institute (JPI) in Korea. (2010–2014)

UNESCO Chair Vienna: Collaboration platform and public website

… of the UNESCO Chair Project “UNESCO Chair on “Multilingual, Transcultural Communication in the Digital Age”. Members of the partner institutions and terminology experts from all around the world use the platform to jointly develop new research and web-based teaching models. Divided into working groups, project members collaborate on their assigned tasks such as the joint creation of new knowledge products. Papers and other work products as well as activities are published on the public website. (2012–2014)

VSP Direktmarketing KG: Intranet, knowledge platform

… for a medium-sized direct mailing enterprise. All 150+ employees (administration and production) as well as the company management have access and are allowed to create, edit and publish knowledge contributions, organized by topics and departments. The VSPnet offers simple, wiki-based content editing and management, a powerful search function and free (social) tagging. It has been used to store the technical documentation, among other purposes. (2009)

Data-Service GmbH: Intranet

… for a medium-sized IT company, with different working areas to gather and share internal know-how and documents, a joint calendar and internal message system. Group spaces simplify internal business processes as they allow for collaboration on protocols, contracts and other documents. (2009)

Collaboration platform – Global Challenges Project, SIPRI and Free University Berlin

… for the pilot project ”Europe and Global Challenges“, funded by a consortium of 3 European foundations . 13 think tank experts from all around the world used it to gather knowledge, to generate and to publish new knowledge and relevant policy ideas concerning space technologies. Experts jointly worked on articles in private collaboration spaces, exchanged ideas and discussed their findings. (2009 – 2010)

SaniPlus: Intranet

… for pharmacy with 200 employees, serving administrative and information purposes. The platform supports the integration of four subsidiaries, facilitates networking across departments, and enhances communication between management and staff. Announcements and instructions are posted in one central location, accessible to all users. (2009-2015)

ArchiNea: Intranet

… for the internal communication and knowledge-sharing among architects and energy advisors. Joint working platform for all employees, working at different locations; ticket system for internal project management, exclusive area for the company management to file protocols, financial and other sensitive data. (2009-2013)


The Coconets Team is headed by Dr. Henrike Landré.

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Henrike is an expert on global issues and collaborative, complex problem-solving. With a Ph.D. in international relations, she has worked as a consultant for and with NGOs, businesses, foundations, academic institutions, research and other expert networks for almost 20 years.

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