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Coconets is committed to empowering our clients from business, politics, academia and society, to find innovative solutions for the greatest challenges of our globalized world.

We help you find answers to the following questions:

  • How can we broaden our horizons? How do we break silos?

  • How can we engage with our stakeholders or clients in a meaningful dialogue? How to build sustainable, powerful partnerships?

  • What are the best approaches and tools to foster connected thinking and innovation?

  • How do we identify new ideas and potentials? How to translate them into action?

"Content is Queen."

Coconets is your experienced specialist for participative digital communication and collaboration.

We enable you to offer excellent, targeted and engaging digital content.

We develop inclusive digital content strategies, concepts and solutions that will allow you to engage substantially and sustainably with your partners, stakeholders, peers, and clients.

Our key asset is the collective wisdom of our associated content, marketing, design, IT and global issue experts.

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When it comes to collaboration, we walk the talk:

We bring to the table the best brains we have, with all their highly diverse competencies, know-how and experiences. From day one, you have full access to our pool of expertise, comprising: global issues, knowledge management, digital marketing / content, UX design, software development, social media, mobile, SEO.

We offer a 360-degree-view on your individual digital needs. This way, we allow for fresh ideas while providing for instant reality checks.

coconets what we offer

What we offer

Intelligent, “feather-light” solutions
– solutions that work.

Our digital specialists offers you hands-on, full professional services for your existing or a new project.

Digital (content) strategies and concepts:

  • We evaluate your vision, goals, opportunities, challenges and existing initiatives.
  • We analyze your target groups’ individual needs.
  • We document how you could handle all aspects of your digital content strategy, including priorities, people, processes and policies.

Workshops and seminars: We offer individually designed trainings for all (new) content specialists in your company or organization: across all departments and levels.

IT services: Our pooled expertise allows us to develop full websites or platforms in a minimum of time. Based on an in-depth analysis of key users’ needs, we develop a fine concept and UX design drafts; select the optimal software and tools for your purposes, rated against key criteria such as cost efficiency, usability, outcome / impact. Further services include: extensive testing and quality management, user and technical support.

Solutions and scenarios

We facilitate change.

By letting content drive online engagement, we change the way you and your partners, stakeholders, clients retrieve information, share views and expertise, communicate on issues and take into action. For example:
  • You wish to engage different stakeholder groups in an open exchange on key concerns and activities of your company, organization or project -- but are not sure how to best motivate people and get productive results?
We identify the best content and tools that will ignite the spark and trigger reactions.
  • You wish to attract more attention to the great work you are doing – but are not sure how to best prove your (social) impact and tell your stories?
We help you select illustrative examples and success stories, besides other exemplary content, and show you how to communicate your awareness for quality content.
  • You wish to expand the impact of your project by bringing in the latest technologies – but are not sure which ones?

We foster long-term thinking and select the best tools for your in accordance with your overall digital strategy.

coconets past to future webFrom past to future

Connected thinking has shaped our actions -
time to build stroger bonds with our partners.

Over the past eight years, Coconets has conceptualized and built over 20 platforms that integrated experts from academia, civil society, the public and private sector. Our solutions were driven by the vision of connected thinking and key wiki principles (openness, transparency).

Based on our wealth of know-how in connecting people and expertise through expert issue platforms, we have decided to join forces with our long-time trusted partners: not only combining but interlocking our competencies.

Forming such new alliances is an expression of our strong belief that partnership formats are changing and that innovation can only be achieved when equal partners act in concert: at all levels and throughout the entire process, from creative thinking to realization. A simple division of labor is just not enough.



Collaboration platform and public website

… for the Networked Think Tank (NTT) of the international, interdisciplinary Research Group Asian Perceptions of the EU at the Free University Berlin, a four-year project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.
The NTT was the key communication and collaboration tool for over 30 academic and other experts from Europe, China, India, New Zealand and elsewhere. It offered a comprehensive knowledge base with joint bibliography, resource management and glossary, collaboration spaces, and separate areas for research and publications, inter alia. (2010-2014)


The Coconets Team is headed by Dr. Henrike Landré.

LinkedIn. XING. Short bio. She is an expert on global issues and collaborative problem-solving, having worked for and with NGOs, businesses, foundations, academic institutions, resesarch and other expert networks for almost 20 years.Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

Meet also the other brains behind Coconets: Cornelia Hug, Lena and Sebastian Delius, Markus Linne, Jessica Duda. They are all conceptual wizards and particularly strong in translating innovative ideas into typical Coconets solutions: easy to use, intelligent and "feather-light". It is their diverse know-how in software development, content and digital marketing, social media strategies and mobile solutions that makes the difference for our clients.



Hannoversche Str. 2
10115 Berlin, Germany

phone: +49 30 275815-64
fax: +49 30 275815-69
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