UNSA Discussion Paper

"UN Studies: Foundations for an Emerging Field of Study"

A joint article by Kirsten Haack, Julia Harfensteller and Henrike Paepcke. We developed this discussion paper to trigger a discussion on the scope and content of UN studies.

If you are interested in contributing your own views and thoughts on how to conceptualise UN Studies, you may send us your own  paper , comments and suggestions.

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In this discussion paper by the UN Studies Association we critically review current UN research and teaching, and offer a vision for a new field of studies: UN Studies. We claim that new research and education conventions, structures and contents need to be developed that place the UN - and not subject disciplines (e.g. international law, politics, international relations, organizational sociology) - at the center of inquiry. Consequently, we argue that it is timely and necessary to conceptualize “UN Studies” as a stand-alone field of interdisciplinary studies about the UN. This article proposes a creative common of UN Studies, demonstrating why an integrated field of studies is needed, and defining core features and methods of teaching.