The Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS)



ACUNS is a professional association of nearly 800 educational and research institutions and individual scholars, teachers, and practitioners active in the work and study of multilateral relations, global governance, and international cooperation.

ACUNS' objective is to stimulate, support, and disseminate research and analysis on the United Nations, multilateralism, and international organization. ACUNS also promotes teaching on these topics, as well as dialogue and mutual understanding across and between the academic and practitioner communities. A special effort is made to ensure that advanced research conducted in universities finds its way into the programs of the UN system.

ACUNS' activities include:

  • The ACUNS Annual Meetings  provide members and friends with a unique opportunity to discuss UN-related research and policy. The conference is an excellent forum for networking and engaging with UN experts. This year's ACUNS AM will take place at the City University, New York from June 13-15, and is dedicated to the thrilling theme "New Norms, New Actors, a New United Nations? Continuity and Change."  Visit the conference site here.
  • Together with the American Society of International Law (ASIL), ACUNS organizes the ACUNS-ASIL summer workshop on international organization studies. The ten-day research workshop is dedicated to actual issues in global affairs, such as this years theme "Water, Energy, and Health. Addressing Knowledge, Capacity and Governance Challenges." The workshop brings together academics at an advanced level, UN practitioners and professionals working in fields related to the workshop subject matter. All costs for workshop participation are covered by ACUNS/ASIL. More information on this initiative here.
  • The interactive website offers members the opportunity to post work in progress and get feedback from other ACUNS members; profile their book-length publications; and share ideas and resources for teaching, among other services. Visit the ACUNS website at:
  • ACUNS also issues the journal Global Governance: A Review of Multilateralism and International Organizations. More Information on the journal here.


Our Relationship with ACUNS

Most of our active participants are ACUNS members, and we consider ourselves an initiative that not only originates from ACUNS but also complements and strengthens the ACUNS mission to promote research and teaching on the UN system and dialogue between and among academics and practitioners from across the globe. From this point of view, ACUNS is the formal umbrella organization, which embraces UNSA as an informal working group with a very specific focus on UN Studies. After all, both organizations are united in their endeavor to enhance knowledge and understanding of the UN - worldwide.