Regional Youth Academy on the United Nations (RAUN)


"The Regional Academy on the United Nations is a valuable multicultural educational initiative to train an emerging generation of young scholars in issues of importance to the United Nations. With its program of meetings in several countries, and its flexible multi-national teams of students working together to address challenges for global governance, the Regional Academy offers a model of how to encourage collective solutions to world problems.

I congratulate the founders and the participants of the RAUN for their efforts. I hope to see many of them taking on important roles for international cooperation in their future careers."
Jan Eliasson, UN Deputy Secretary General
The applications for the 2015/2016 will start in in Jajuary 2015. Visit this page regularly for exact dates.

Eligibility and required documents for participants

  • Participants are required to fulfil the following criteria:
  • Be enrolled in the final year of Bachelor or any level of Masters or PhD studies in RAUN-related fields
  • Have at least basic knowledge of and interest in the UN system and topics of the RAUN program
  • Be able and willing to work and learn in a multicultural group
  • Have at least basic knowledge of writing academic papers
  • Be between 21 and 32 years of age
  • Come from or study in one of the partner countries (AT, CZ, SK, HU, SR, PL)
  • Be able to combine the Academy’s requirements with their studies
Applicants are required to send the following documents when applying
  • Latest CV with photo in English
  • Motivation letter in English
  • Completed expression of interest form (download the form here)
  • Sample of the latest written paper. This could be a BA thesis, a module paper, a paper submitted for a conference, a proposal for a MA thesis, etc.
  • Univerity grades

Applications should be sent to the following Coodinators of the countries the applicant is currently studying:

Billy Batware:
Czech Republic:
Alzbeta Kucharova:
Aniko Szalai:
Mako Novakovic:
Leszek Wieczorek:

Martina Nagyova:
RAUN is dedicated to training and equipping the next generaion of internationalists with the necessary knowledge to provide solutions to contemporary global challenges. Our objective is to empower and engage youth for a better world system.
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